Hillel Academy takes pride in offering
special needs students cutting edge
educational programs:

The Programs:

  1. Instrumental Enrichment (IE)
    IE is an intervention designed to improve cognitive functioning and learning skills of all students, from those with special needs to those with special gifts. This methodology has been used for over 50 years by Professor Reuven Feuerstein (Jerusalem, Israel), founder and chairman of the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (icelp.org).

    IE is a program grounded in the theory of Cognitive Modifiability. This methodology states that your child's learning potential and "intelligence" is not fixed. Rather, one's capacity to learn can change for the better.

    It focuses on:
    • Lengthening students' attention span and prolonging concentration;
    • Attaining higher self-esteem and confidence;
    • Correcting deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills;
    • Providing students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations, and techniques necessary to grow as an independent thinker and learner.

  2. Dynamic Assessment and Intervention of Young Children (DA)
    This assessment is the brainchild of Professor David Tzuriel (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel), who was a colleague of Professor Feuerstein for many years. Tzuriel has published seven DA tests designed for children age 3 to 6 and older which are used all over the world.

    The dynamic tests evaluate your child's:
    • Learning strategies;
    • Accessibility to mediation and intervention;
    • Employment of high-order concepts and operations;
    • Use of a variety of cognitive functions to solve problems.

    During the Dynamic Assessment process, the examiner plays an active and intensive part in the testing process, getting your child to use the cognitive functions that achieve their learning potential most efficiently. This process also teaches your child how they learn best, enabling them to become independent problem solvers and developing their positive self-esteem to change their mindset to "I can do this."

This is our third year of using Instrumental Enrichment (IE) and Dynamic Assessment (DA) and the results have been phenomenal. The response from students, parents, and teachers has been overwhelming. As one special needs student describes it, "I analyze a lot more."