Melamed Interactive Mentoring Program (MIMP)

The Melamed Interactive Mentoring Program (MIMP) is an innovative teaching method designed by Mr. David "Beba" Witkowski to inspire students in their study of Judaics, Hebrew and Bar/Bat Mitzvah training. The program involves an ongoing daily exchange of assignments and personal feedback.

MIMP is designed to enhance the academic and social skills of students of all ages and abilities, and works equally well with students who have special needs as well as those who are gifted. By combining academic and religious education with emotional support, the MIMP:

  • Increases Hebrew language proficiency.
  • Supports and challenges talented students.
  • Encourages and aids students with various learning difficulties.
  • Elevates student self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Provides students with a positive role model.
  • Engenders and inspires a love for the traditions of Judaism.
  • Encourages improvement in study habits.

This is the way the program works:

  • The mentor meets one-on-one with each student weekly for 30 minutes.
  • The mentor provides support by teaching new material, reviewing old material and issuing new weekly assignments.
  • The student recites daily homework assignments via a designated voice-mailbox, referred to as the Melamed Classlink.
  • The mentor listens and responds to each assignment with a phone call or fax.

The MIMP Advantage:

Participation in the MIMP is designed to increase Hebrew language proficiency and increase self-confidence through one-on-one interactions with an MIMP mentor. Children that have been shown to benefit most from the MIMP include:

  • Students with learning difficulties (including those due to emotional, physical, and/or neurological causes)
  • Students lacking support at home (ie, parents with limited time and/or knowledge of Hebrew)
  • Students who need their Hebrew skills strengthened in preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Students with high academic ability who need and thrive on additional challenges

In addition, the program also encourages improvement in student study habits.